The history of Possente family has always been linked to his "Sicilian roots" as highest expression of the love for the land and the work handed down through generations source of pride and culture to be passed on.
The privileged site and the natural conditions added to accurate choices have allowed us to produce wines and olive oil of excellence...real representation of the Authentic Sicily. As family, we put all our commitment in the production of our wines, trying to transmit our values of: quality, terroir, unicity, healthy production, care of details, selection of the best grapes, all the values that our family has from generations and our experience in wine production.
Due to the favorable natural conditions, Trapani is the largest viticulture area in Europe; in the hearth of Alcamo, situated in this privileged site we own two vineyards not far away from each other but with different Terroir...Our Savoir-Faire combined with the unique Terroir of our land let us produce wines that are the highest expression of Sicily.